During the month of November, many people rock moustaches for a good cause: Movember. Movember is a fundraiser put on by the Movember Foundation where people raise money by growing moustaches. Proceeds go toward resources for men’s health, including mental health and sucide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. 

The sports world has provided some of the greatest Movember moustaches over the years, and the moustaches have been out in full force during the month of November. 

One of Toronto’s most beloved athletes, Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs, has rocked a Freddie Mercury style moustache since 2019. This year, Matthews has put his moustache on the line in his Movember campaign. He’s willing to shave his moustache if he raises $134,000, saying, “I’m willing to shave it off, but only for a good cause.” Matthews has also been wearing Movember-inspired equipment this month.

While Movember is visible among the pros, it is also visible for some U of T Varsity Blues athletes. Men’s lacrosse defender Michael Lamacchia, for example, has traded his beard for a moustache this month. 

When asked about his inspiration for taking part in Movember, Lamacchia said, “Some of my inspirations include wanting to raise awareness for mens mental health as well as prostate cancer.” Lamacchia also discussed his preference for the moustache: “I’d probably have either a handlebar style or a Auston Matthews-Esque one.”

There are many ways to support Movember. Growing a moustache, which is what people like Michael and I have opted to do this month, is a common way in which people bring awareness to men’s health. Another way to raise awareness is to “move for Movember.” According to the Movember website, the goal of this is to “run or walk 60km over the month, for the 60 men lost to suicide every hour globally.” 

Some people also host fundraisers in support of the Movember Foundation. In past years, the local sock company Major League Socks — formerly known as “Babsocks” — partnered with local Toronto hockey leagues to hold a fundraiser. At the event, they sold socks featuring former Toronto Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock’s face with a moustache, and part of the event’s proceeds went toward the Movember foundation.

We have seen many athletes donning moustaches this month, and although it will alter their appearance — November can be an awkward month for the upper lip — it is definitely noticeable and brings awareness to the cause. You, too, could grow a mo’ to save a bro.