A sign outside of Sidney Smith Hall — the home of the Faculty of Arts & Science — has been defaced. The sign, which formerly read “Arts,” has been altered to read “Farts.” 

Ayush Sharma, an upper-year U of T student, claimed in a message to The Varsity that he saw the vandals while walking on campus on December 2. 

“I walked by on Thursday night and these guys were looking for a ladder and ‘waiting till nobodys around,’ ” wrote Sharma. When asked for a description of the would-be vandals, Sharma wrote that they were “just your average UofT students. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, hint of deepression [sic] in their eyes.” 

In a statement on Twitter, Dean of the Faculty Arts & Science Melanie Woodin wrote that the vandalism “really stinks 🤨.”

Sidney Smith Hall is undergoing renovations soon. 

— With files from Padraic Berting