This winter — like all winters in Ontario — has made it a little bit hard to be motivated to exercise outdoors, while having a daily routine of school and especially during midterm season, which can cause a lot of stress. However, there is lots to do outdoors around U of T.

There are some amazing parks to walk around in Toronto. High Park is one of our most popular ones — you can enjoy its nice walking trails with your dog or with friends after a long day of studying or working. After all, a quick break makes a huge difference.

You can also have a good time at Ontario Place, where you can reserve a firepit with family and friends and enjoy the evening outdoors with your loved ones, or take in a hot drink while playing board games. And if those activities require too much planning, you can always go watch an outdoor movie there! 

If you are looking for something more active, you can try the Bike Share Toronto program. I remember when I tried this program a few months ago with some of my friends — it was very entertaining. Through the Bike Share Toronto, you can borrow a bike and enjoy exploring the city on it. There is also the option of purchasing an annual membership, which grants a reduced price, and you can enjoy it while commuting to U of T every day. Biking is a great cardio exercise that helps you stay active even with a busy schedule.

Personally, I think that skating is one of the most interesting winter outdoor activities. I have been skating at Nathan Phillips Square, and I’ve enjoyed it, even though I’ve spent most of my time falling. 

These are all very easy winter activities that you can enjoy without making big plans or spending a lot of money. You can do them alone or even turn them into social outings with family or friends — and all of them can help you stay healthy and focused.