U of T announced today that its “current mask requirement will be lifted as of July 1, 2022,” subject to changes in public health guidelines.

Following the provincial government’s decision to lift mask mandates on June 11, the university reaffirmed its decision to maintain its on-campus mask mandate until June 30. 

The university acknowledged that some students, staff, and faculty may continue to wear masks on campus even after the requirement is lifted and requested that community members be respectful to each other. 

In the same email, the university shared plans for a mostly in-person fall semester. As individual faculties and campuses plan out their fall semesters, their chosen mode of course delivery may vary based on “local needs and program requirements.” 

The university also mentioned that it has improved its ventilation systems in the past year to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in indoor settings. Last year, U of T committed to replacing HVAC system filters with MERV 13 filters — filters that can trap small particles, including viruses — and regularly reviewing its ventilation measures.  

Finally, the university reminded its community members of the wellness resources available to them if they’re feeling distressed, including the My Student Support Program (My SSP) and the Employee and Family Assistance Program.