Boarding my first-ever transatlantic flight to start at U of T this time last year, the only sense of familiarity I brought to Toronto was the nine-year-old camera I almost left at home because I was afraid to exceed my baggage limit. That camera led me to the third floor of 21 Sussex Avenue and the world of journalism, which was unexpected — but one of my wisest, most fulfilling decisions. 

My time as an Associate Photo Editor of Volume 143 introduced me to outstandingly talented individuals and taught me that everything — including coats and ladders — can be a tripod if you’re determined enough, and assured me that I would love to continue being a part of The Varsity community.

In the chaos of our lives where we destroy ourselves to be perfect, photography is a haven where failure does not exist. There are infinite trials and no errors — at worst, you immortalize the moment from your point of view. Photography also perfectly complements journalism, cultivating the tone and message of any article and visually bringing the story to life.

Stepping up to the role of Photo Editor for Volume 144, my goal is to make the Photo section as expressive and interactive as possible. Working within the Photo section, I hope you find the opportunity to stretch the bounds of your perspective, make your stories heard amid obliviousness, and appreciate each and every one of the photographs you take. 

I am so excited to embark on this journey together.