Around 3:50, the University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) posted on Instagram that the union had closed the UTSU Student Commons. The building was closed because of flooding: earlier in the day, fire sprinklers had gone off on the fifth floor, causing some flooding on the fourth and fifth floors. The other floors remain in good condition.

In an interview with The Varsity, UTSU President Elizabeth Shechtman clarified that the union does not yet know what caused the sprinklers to go off, although it has people “on site” investigating the issue.

Shechtman told The Varsity that the union hopes to reopen the first, second, third, and possibly fourth floors tomorrow, although it’s possible the whole building might be closed until Thursday. The fifth floor will remain closed for at least the next few days, she said, “until we figure out the situation and hopefully get everything under control.”

This semester, classes are operating on the Student Commons’ first and fourth floors. As long as the union can open the lower floors of the building as planned, classes on the first floor should resume tomorrow. The UTSU is working with the university to determine potential workarounds for fourth-floor classes if it cannot open the fourth floor tomorrow.