1A “Hey girl/guy/enby, _______ …?” Precursor to every theme word*

8A Anna of The Emoji Movie and Mom

13A Flubs a line, eg.

14A She ain’t a “Hollaback Girl”

16A Slowly accumulate

17A Borne cargo

18A Common tool used to sew

19A Because marvelling at you makes me antsy*

20A Because you should “bewitch” me*

22A What one might do to their crush

25A Adds up, or breaks down

29A Like some sex, drugs, and rock & roll

30A Key with one flat

32A Pig from Moana

33A Rajah’s wife

35A Telephone trio

36A Because I want you to be my ‘g’*

38A Like the TTC, but inferior

39A Because that’s concerning and you should get it checked out*

42A Shift that sailed to retrieve the golden fleece

43A Ice hockey team, eg

45A Major Texas university

47A Smoky hair colour

49A Ares’ daughter

52A Because I’m crash landing on to you*

56A Expressing acoustic accordance

57A What responsible people do, so I’m told

58A Because I’m hanging on to every word*

59A Word used by doctors, farmers, and incels

60A Beings, in France

61A English courts held until 1972

1D “I’ll make ____ out of you”

2D Because I want to eat every meal with you*

3D Suffix with opal or fluor

4D Front-lawn fundraiser

5D Because I like you ‘elot’*

6D Said aloud

7D The Little Prince author’s monogram

8D To _______, a post-gym discomfort or pain

9D Like Neil Armstrong on the moon

10D Because I’m always saucy around you*

11D Like most TVs nowadays

12D German electronic body music band

14D Brand of automatic rifle developed by Ruger

15D “______ their word”

19D Landform that juts into the water

21D Pausing punctuation

22D Plato’s theory of _______

23D Seething

24D Because you always calm me down*

26D What some couples can’t stand being

27D Because let’s-a-go out together sometime*

28D Where hairdos get done

31D “What’s ____ like?”

34D You hate to see ‘em

37D Because you’re in every guy’s dreams*

40D Bad topic for pickup lines

41D Blue jays: Toronto; _______: The Bronx

44D Because I wanna wrap myself around you*

46D Cow tits

48D Mooring posts on a ship

49D _____ and seek

50D Successes in baseball or boxing 

51D Behind

53D Calif. Neighbor

54D Mademoiselle (Abbr.)

55D What every proposal hopes to get

57D Artists’ degrees