1AThe first duke of Normandy
6A“Through _______”, an early Kanye hit
13AStays away from
15ANutty sweets
18AMembers of the Rosicrucian Society of England
19AThe boy who cried wolf was one
22AKnife with a saw-toothed edge
25AWith 48D, primary character in “Journey to the West”
26ADrains of energy
28AActs beneath their dignity
33AExpel from the body
37APond flower
41ATechnical ends to a boxing match
45AHenchman with a snake-related nickname
47A‘Ruff’ counterpart
49AChemical suffix
50AName that means “God is with us”
52AHigh in slang, derived from a weed-filled cigar
54AHaitian island famous for piracy
56A2006 thriller based on a serial killer of the same name
57AWhat bubbles or puddles do
59AMore rosy
61AWest African*
62AType of characters represented by a ‘planet of hats’
63AIt comes from being blown
1DGrandfather of Ramses II
2DInfested, with weeds or pests
3DBrittany seaport that housed a U-boat base in WWII
4DPastel purple flower
5DWriters of odes
6DEnding of 8D
7DLike most mammals, except dolphins and sphinx cats
8DPlants that might be found near Freddy Krueger
9DType of turn that trucks often make
10DWildly angry
11DSeminary subj.
12DProgram for foreigners in English-speaking countries
14DAbbreviation that could be a sports channel, social media app, or metallic element
15DPhilosophy class code
19DMagazine marketing space
21D____ Grey, might be drunk during 39D
23DShipping wts.
24DFounding abbreviation
27DFalse flattery
30DSpecies of dinosaur from “Dinosaur”
32DSingle-celled organism
35DMost definitely will
36DSimilar to 12D, but an umbrella term for all non-native English programs
37DInitialism following ‘4G’
38DUnit of electrical resistance
39DA gathering for crumpets
42DCatastrophic 2005 hurricane in New Orleans
43DWhat 7 is to 8
44DAmy of “Bojack Horseman” and “Strangers with Candy”
46DLooked after a friend’s cat
48DSee 25A
51DDirty money
55DCurrency system in the game Hollow Knight
57D“If you ask me…”
58DBrother of Ginny Weasley