Members of IMPACT UTSC won all of the executive positions for the 2024–2025 academic year in this month’s Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU) general elections. Four of the executive candidates ran contested, and two ran unopposed.

On the evening of March 8, the SCSU posted the unofficial results of the elections on its website. At least 1755 students — 12 per cent of the UTSC student body, according to U of T’s published numbers from last year — cast their ballots from March 4–6. 

Last year, TRANSFORM UTSC ran unopposed and won all executive positions with a voter turnout of  less than four per cent of those eligible to vote. This year the union will also be run by members of one slate, with TRANSFORM UTSC having run no candidates in this cycle.

Executive results

Students elected Hunain Sindhu as president with 55 per cent of all votes, Zanira Manesiya as vice-president (VP) academics and university affairs with 64 per cent, Omar Mousa as VP external with 60 per cent, and Lalise Shifara as VP equity received 59 per cent.

In the two uncontested elections, Rafay Malik won the VP campus life position with 74 per cent of votes, and Jena Bahwon VP operations with 69 per cent of votes. 

Referenda and the board of directors

The Regenesis UTSC levy passed with a 55 per cent vote of approval . Its levy proposal stated that starting fall 2024, full-time students would pay a fee of $7.23 per session, and part-time students would pay $3.62. The proposal also said that students would be able to opt out of the levy. 

Students raised concerns regarding this levy increase during a February candidates’ debate. The current VP Operations Akaash Palaparthy also referred to Regenesis UTSC’s budget for the levy as “very rudimentary” during the SCSU’s February board of directors meeting.

37 students ran for the 18 available board of director (BOD) positions. From ELEVATE UTSC, voters elected nine directors: Kira Jensen, Christine Villa, Jaki Shi, Carlos Arturo Paez Gonzalez, Gayathri Siva, Alexandros Grekos, Ayden Lim, Khalil- Najir Miles, Sabine Mohamad. From IMPACT UTSC, voters elected six directors: Amna Ali, Harry Xu, Hania, Ayesha Ashraf, Bianca Camacho, and Zakariya Sohail.  Every candidate who was elected was part of either the ELEVATE or IMPACT slates. 

Mya Ayilara and Miriam Younesof IMPACT UTSCwere elected to the BOD by acclamation, meaning that because they ran unopposed for their respective positions, they automatically got the positions. No candidate ran for director of anthropology, and that seat will be pushed to the 2024 fall byelections. 

The SCSU must approve the results during its April BOD meeting, for which the union has not yet set a date. All elected and approved candidates will begin their terms on May 1.