Content warning: This article discusses sexual harassment.

On March 16, the Toronto Police Service (TPS) announced that it had arrested a student in connection to its ongoing investigation into voyeurism incidents occurring at New College. 

The TPS alleges that the student, charged with one count of voyeurism and one count of mischief, entered a women’s washroom and filmed a student while they showered. TPS received reports of the incident on March 12, making it the most recent of at least four voyeurism incidents reported to TPS and Campus Safety since the beginning of January

TPS has not responded to a Varsity request to clarify whether it believes the student has committed all of the incidents or whether other individuals may also be responsible.

One of many

On January 10, U of T informed New College students, but not the broader campus, about a January 9 incident where someone held a phone above an occupied shower stall in a Wilson Residence all-gender washroom. In interviews with The Varsity, students expressed concerns about the lack of transparency, arguing that all students should know about these incidents.

Another incident — this time in the publically accessible first-floor women’s washroom — occurred on February 7, and U of T alerted all students and provided a picture of a suspect. Yet, another incident occurred on February 15 in a Wilson Hall residence shower stall.

U of T implemented measures meant to prevent further voyeurism, including retrofitting all shower stalls in the Wilson Hall and Wetmore Hall residences by February 23 to increase privacy, requiring a key fob to enter the washroom where previous incidents had occurred, and increasing security guard patrols in the area. 

The 2024 incidents come in the wake of a January 4 arrest connected to multiple reports of voyeurism happening at New College from July to October. The TPS charged the arrested man with five counts of voyeurism.

Contacts and resources

Student advocacy and resource group New College Against Sexual Assault and Harassment provides peer support sessions. Students can access them by completing a form available in the group’s Instagram bio. 

In its news release about the arrest, the TPS encourages anyone with information to contact the police at 416-808-5200. Individuals can also submit an anonymous tip to 416-222-TIPS (8477) or at “Police believe there may be more victims,” the release reads.

Students, staff, and faculty can access counselling and assistance accessing accommodations or legal aid through U of T’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Centre.