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The ABCs of mental resilience

Sports and clinical psychology research offer insights for mental health

12 January, 2020
How exercise could positively benefit international students’ mental health

Thesis broadens limited research on physical activity of international students in Canada

1 December, 2019
Building a career out of a chemical engineering degree

U of T chapter of Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering hosts alumni career panel

1 December, 2019
Social Justice Education caucus breaks off from OISE Graduate Students’ Association

Dissociation the result of UTGSU investigation into constitutional violations of OISE GSA

24 November, 2019
How cannabis, alcohol, and cigarette use could impact concussion recovery

In conversation with Dr. David Lawrence on how substance use may cause heavier symptoms

24 November, 2019
How e-cigarette ads have targeted North American teens 

Big Tobacco is betting on e-cigarettes to capture the market of Canadian minors

3 November, 2019
How physical exercise acts as an antidepressant

In conversation with Garcia Ashdown-Franks on the effects of exercise on depression

27 October, 2019
U of T students, city advocates call on federal parties to invest in Toronto’s mental health

Advocates call for $300 million yearly investment in Toronto’s mental health services

20 October, 2019
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