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From fist-pumping to dabbing: the evolution of dance in the 2010’s

Where did dabbing come from, and why is everyone on our campus’ Snapchat story doing it?

7 February, 2016
What I learned from Tinder in Europe

The Varsity’s foreign tinder correspondent Ayla Shiblaq explores the Tinder scene in Copenhagen

13 November, 2015
Can Toronto become a “music city”?

The pros and cons of urban policy surrounding the city’s music festivals

6 September, 2015
What we learned at NXNE

A few lessons we can take away from this year’s exciting festival

27 June, 2015
NXNE: In review

Best Coast fails to impress and Shad saves the day – here’s the best and worst of this year’s music festival

27 June, 2015
NXNE 2015: the field guide

From light-hearted indie to exuberant EDM, there’s plenty in store for this year’s festival

9 June, 2015
Back to our roots

Toronto’s Wavelength festival champions the city’s underground music scene

2 March, 2015
Poptimism forever

AYLA SHIBLAQ argues that pop shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure

4 February, 2015
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Ayla Shiblaq

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