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U of T marks Rwanda Week

Tuesday night saw the launch of Rwanda Week, a series of events to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of the Rwandan […]

9 April, 2009
Honeymoon in Washington D.C.

While most of the world has returned to normal following Barack Obama’s historic victory, little seems to have changed in […]

6 April, 2009
Court orders Quebec profs to back down

Striking professors at the Université du Québec à Montréal are to tone down their tactics in the last days of […]

30 March, 2009
Status update: Giving up FB for JC

Bask in the advent of Religion 2.0, as Christians worldwide decide to give up Facebook for Lent. The trend, popular […]

2 March, 2009
Mass rapes in the Congo are ‘sexual terrorism,’ says doctor

“Hundreds of thousands of women are humiliated, dehumanised and without protection in the Congo,” Denis Mukwege told a crowd of […]

1 December, 2008
‘Food was used as a weapon’

Kalyna Kardash’s grandmother survived the Holodomor. The Ukrainian word for “murder by hunger” refers to the famine of 1932-33, where […]

24 November, 2008
Student arrested for Internet threats

A Georgian College student faces charges after posting threatening messages and photos on the Internet last week. The 27-year-old student […]

17 November, 2008
Spray or pay

If you were walking on College Street last week, you might have seen a business owner spray-painting his storefront a […]

6 November, 2008
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