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The Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation is facing strong opposition from the NDP’s post-secondary education critic, Denise Savoie, who stated in […]

21 January, 2008
A Common denominator

Students have voted to fund a new student centre with a levy starting next summer.Nearly 3,100 votes were cast in […]

8 November, 2007
‘Yes’ choice expected in levy vote

Voting results on the Student Commons levy are expected early Monday, wrapping up a two-week-long campaign.The referendum was conducted by […]

5 November, 2007
Ontario, the morning after

In Trinity-Spadina, the provincial riding that encompasses most of U of T’s downtown campus, Rosario Marchese of the NDP has […]

15 October, 2007
Collection plate could be cut off

Home to three Catholic student clubs, one Catholic college and a number of faculty connected to this issue, the University […]

25 September, 2007

Carol Rodrigues