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Top 10 ways to panic in a time of crisis

Classes have been cancelled! COVID-19 is coming! Do what you need to cope

15 March, 2020
Would this Brazilian butt lift make my ass look fat?

Attacking the urge for cosmetic surgery in a world wanting to be more plastic

23 February, 2020
The slow burn of falling in love with Toronto

Falling in love with the city you live in isn’t always easy

1 December, 2019
We need to continue to talk about the climate crisis

A month after Greta Thunberg’s UN speech, we are still marching

27 October, 2019
Cosmo is cringe — but then again, so is sex

Let’s talk about sex, exploring female sexuality, and Cosmo’s best sex tips

27 October, 2019

Charlie Jupp-Adams