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Ask Big Questions: How do you decide who to vote for?

As the city of Toronto emerges from the recent mayoral election and leaves Ford Nation in the rear-view, how did you differentiate between the candidates?

31 October, 2014
It’s time to modernize voting practices

Low voter turnout harms democracy

7 July, 2014
Mayor Ford may be on his way out, but Ford Nation is here to stay

Toronto’s divisive political geography

18 November, 2013
There is no quick fix for rape culture

Advising young women to abstain from drinking is not the answer

4 November, 2013
The Question: The Charter of Quebec Values

What is the virtue of a secular state?

30 September, 2013
Implied misogyny in cultural discourse

What language reveals about our perception of female sexuality

9 September, 2013
Retooling the abortion narrative

A response to Laurie Shrage’s piece in The New York Times

27 June, 2013
Trudeau will bring real change to Canadian politics

Far from being just a hairdo, Trudeau offers a new style of politics

3 March, 2013
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Devyn Noonan