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Support 140 years of campus journalism — The Varsity’s levy is worth it

Why the student press is vital under the Student Choice Initiative

11 August, 2019
Doug Ford doesn’t deserve to march at Pride

Premier has a record of disregarding the needs of minority communities

23 June, 2019
To next year’s unions: less controversy, more engagement, please

Reviewing this year’s SCSU, UTGSU, UTSU, and UTMSU

31 March, 2019
To properly acknowledge Indigenous territory, go off script

Speech must reflect intent, purpose, and a commitment to action

16 March, 2019
To preserve credibility, the student press must be careful with sensationalism

Reviewing the missteps of The Underground during the 2019 SCSU elections

23 February, 2019
How’s the weather, UTSG — and what’s wrong with you?

Student safety must be paramount when severe conditions hit campus

20 February, 2019
Love beyond romance

Make Valentine’s Day about family, friends, U of T, The Varsity, and yourself

10 February, 2019
Okay, U of T, let’s talk

But put your money where your mouth is — invest in mental health services

27 January, 2019
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