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Editorial: In light of COVID-19, giving students a universal pass is the only way forward

Academic accommodations have been uneven and inequitable thus far

29 March, 2020
Editorial: The university must commit to equity as it responds to COVID-19

Measures that protect student housing, financial, and accessibility needs must follow cancellation of in-person classes

15 March, 2020
Editorial: The Varsity stands in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en land defenders

Violations of sovereignty undermine Canada’s commitment to reconciliation

23 February, 2020
Editorial: The election’s over — let’s get to work on reconciliation with Indigenous peoples

Following Indigenous Education Week, we reflect on the role of government, university, and media in reconciliation

7 November, 2019
The Varsity endorses a Liberal minority government — with an NDP-Green balance of power

A progressive partnership will best serve students, youth, democracy

19 October, 2019
Enough is enough, this is an emergency: U of T must immediately address its mental health crisis

Another student death at Bahen calls for immediate action from university administration, media, government

29 September, 2019
“The overriding story of our time”: The Varsity’s pledge to cover the climate crisis

We are joining over 250 media outlets around the world in the Covering Climate Now initiative

16 September, 2019
Support 140 years of campus journalism — The Varsity’s levy is worth it

Why the student press is vital under the Student Choice Initiative

11 August, 2019
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