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No, sex trafficking isn’t happening at UTM

And it’s irresponsible of a newspaper to suggest otherwise

2 March, 2018
Vote ‘yes’ to support the student press

We need your help to meet rising costs, improve our coverage, and expand our membership

18 February, 2018
Student concerns about mental health policy demand the administration’s full attention

Recent events surrounding the mandatory leave policy should spur the university to better prioritize the student voice

5 February, 2018
UTSU resignations trigger questions of democracy

Internal replacement procedures and mixed justifications for absences warrant keeping an eye on this issue going forward

29 January, 2018
Playing favourites with finances apparently not a concern at the TCM

Voting down a motion to preserve impartiality in clubs funding was a disappointing move

14 January, 2018
Roadmapping our new year’s resolutions

An overview of The Varsity’s main projects and priorities for 2018

7 January, 2018
There’s no such thing as unbiased reporting

Relying on elusive standards of journalistic ‘objectivity’ is misleading, and it is in our best interest to adopt more attainable ideals

3 December, 2017
Back to work, but for how long?

While it facilitated students’ return to classrooms, the Ontario government’s response to the college strike was an unsatisfactory approach to resolving the labour dispute

27 November, 2017
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