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UTSC closed due to severe weather

UTM closed, UTSG remains open

12 February, 2019
U of T President Meric Gertler on international student fees

Gertler: U of T looks “at what our peer institutions are doing” to set tuition levels

10 February, 2019
Scarborough student union election results in split executive

Shine Bright UTSC’s Chemi Lhamo wins presidency

9 February, 2019
UTSG to close due to severe weather

Managers, instructors asked to be flexible in letting people leave early

6 February, 2019
UTSC to close campus due to severe weather

UTM also closed, UTSG remains open

6 February, 2019
UTM closed due to severe weather

UTSG, UTSC remain open

6 February, 2019
Candidate Profile: Chemi Lhamo, President

Slate: Shine Bright UTSC

5 February, 2019
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