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How U of T medical students have worked to improve equity in health care

Symposium challenges “non-inclusive narratives” in medicine

22 March, 2020
Women in STEM: Kirti Saxena

U of T engineering student on injuries, challenges, and balancing coursework with wrestling

15 March, 2020
Professor Catherine Sulem awarded the 2020 CRM-Fields-PIMS prize

In conversation with mathematics professor on research, career path

1 March, 2020
Women in STEM: Silvia Tenenbaum

A clinical psychologist’s advice on navigating around the gendered elephant in the room at U of T

16 January, 2020
An ongoing conversation on diversity in science

Stories from the front line of research on inclusivity in STEM

27 October, 2019
Women in STEM: Shoshanna Saxe

Civil engineering professor discusses the importance of infrastructure investment, finding mentors

27 October, 2019
Astronomy PhD student named a 2019 Vanier Scholar for research on exoplanets

Emily Deibert studies exoplanet atmospheres, while writing as a science journalist

20 October, 2019
Women in STEM: Kath Intson

PhD candidate discusses research, using Instagram to spread diversity in science

10 October, 2019
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30 March, 2019