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The Same Thing Twice

If asked to pinpoint the glory days of the student movement, one might refer to the politically charged 1960s and […]

17 March, 2009
CFS, SFSS lock horns over federation membership

The Simon Fraser Student Society and the British Columbia branch of the Canadian Federation of Students have been battling it […]

12 February, 2009
Dirty laundry meets a whole lot of air

Last week, instead of showing up to his gubernatorial impeachment trial, Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich worked the talk show circuit. […]

2 February, 2009
A raw deal for York students

As a cash-strapped undergraduate plugging through the last semester of my degree, I feel for the students of York University. […]

29 January, 2009
It takes a whole country to babysit a terrorist

In bleak economic times, there’s nothing as insulting as flagrant government spending. Yet, as a York University PhD student in […]

24 November, 2008
Obamarama: Hope for the future and distraction from the present

From hip-hop namedrops to an international deluge of newborn babies named in his honour, it seems Barack Obama is everybody’s […]

17 November, 2008
Fierce Fashion

The style and spectacle of Toronto Fashion Week brought a large measure of glamour amid the highlights and inevitable lowlights. […]

27 October, 2008
Reinventing the Rosenbergs

The emotional apex of Tony Kushner’s play Angels in America is the scene where Ethel Rosenberg’s ghost says Kaddish—the Jewish […]

20 October, 2008
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