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#UTSU2014 Executive Candidate Election Forum Live

Live-blogging the debate from Bahen 1130

6 March, 2014
Four skaters, one reporter

Varsity Blues figure skating team teach Varsity editor to skate

3 February, 2014
Deferred maintenance crosses half billion dollar mark

Facilities and Services confident that situation under control

3 February, 2014
Deferred maintenance maps

U of T’s $505 million in outstanding projects

3 February, 2014
Decertification petitions dominate discussion at CFS AGM

The Annual National General Meeting of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) in Ottawa this past weekend was dominated by […]

25 November, 2013
Meet Judy Goldring

Family of Governing Council chair has donated over $10 million to U of T

4 November, 2013
Build new structures, or renovate?

Maintenance on existing infrastructure neglected as donors choose to contribute to new projects

4 November, 2013
$484 million needed in building repairs

Maintenance deferral could cost U of T much more in long term

28 October, 2013
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