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Call Me By Your Name is a luminous story in all respects

The summery, heartfelt film is the perfect antidote to winter blues

10 January, 2018
Why we root for our favourite teams

Students detail their paths to fandom

8 January, 2018
Grease gets an update in its tech-savvy Toronto production

Matthew Haber of design studio BeSide Digital explains the challenges of updating the show

26 November, 2017
Comic book press raising money for novel on the Christie Pits riots

Jamie Michaels of Dirty Water Comics explains the significance of the 1930s riots to today’s politics

19 November, 2017
In conversation with the creators of Guys We Fucked

Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson discuss self-love, misconceptions of the show, and more

18 October, 2017
The Holocaust, revisited

A student explores the resurgence of neo-Nazism and the future of Holocaust education

16 October, 2017
A guide to stargazing at TIFF

The hotels, restaurants, and boutiques where you’re likely to spot celebrities

11 September, 2017
Brian Regan can outsmart a horse-sized duck any day

The comedian speaks to The Varsity ahead of his September 8 Toronto show

30 August, 2017
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