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September 11 never happened

Of course, in a very real and literal sense it did happen. Buildings collapsed in flames. Many innocent people really […]

12 September, 2002
TV: Our favourite addiction

Elena is a graduate student. She watches television every weekday morning—Canada AM. So most mornings, Barbara Coloroso instructs her on […]

3 April, 2002
Too politically correct for your own good?

If you want to avoid male, white, majority culture self-flagellation, I suggest that you stop reading right now. Still with […]

3 April, 2002
Homosexual acts are a sin …?

Homosexual acts are a sin but being a homosexual is not, at least according to the Catholic Church. This is […]

28 March, 2002
Freedom of the press

On February 12, it looked as though freedom of the press and freedom of expression might actually be improving in […]

21 March, 2002
If you love me, say yes

If you love the Varsity, vote to increase its levy. Why? Because without a levy increase the Varsity will have […]

18 March, 2002
That’s a crock of crap

Yes, often the shit does pile up so high that you do need wings just to stay above it. But […]

12 March, 2002
Let’s talk about Palestine

Let’s talk about Palestine… or rather, as one especially astute Varsity letter writer pointed out, let’s not talk about Palestine, […]

28 February, 2002
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