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Scared into silence: women have uphill battle against harassment

For women reporting sexual harassment cases in the workplace, the situation is stark. “It’s pretty dire,” says Karlene Moore, a […]

26 February, 2004
Bad medicine

Loralyn Benoit refuses to be silent. Despite going through a very troubling sexual harassment case, she decided to speak out […]

23 February, 2004
“Whites only” scholarship raises eyebrows at Rhode Island school

A controversial “whites only” scholarship has put a Rhode Island university on the map for all the wrong reasons.The College […]

23 February, 2004
Tarnished brass: three U of T execs split in one week

According to information leaked from a private Governing Council meeting, ex-provost Shirley Neuman’s departure was far from amicable.An inside source […]

5 February, 2004
T.O. teams average says ESPN poll

Toronto’s pro sports teams may be stuck in the middle when it comes to ESPN’s Ultimate Standings, but the Raptors, […]

5 February, 2004
Shocker: Provost resigns from office

In a move that shocked the U of T community, Provost Shirley Neuman resigned from her post Friday after a […]

2 February, 2004
Computer virus worming its way through U of T, students cautioned

Computer experts are cautioning the U of T community not to open any unexpected email attachments as a virus known […]

29 January, 2004
Mis-conduct? Hart House band leader gone after money battle

A slew of sour notes are coming out of Hart House this week as a dispute over honorariums has left […]

1 December, 2003
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