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Change of heart: admin okays controversial conference

In a move that delighted some and infuriated others, U of T granted a room booking for the Palestian Solidarity […]

1 December, 2003
Mis-conduct? Hart House band leader gone after money battle

A slew of sour notes are coming out of Hart House this week as a dispute over honorariums has left […]

1 December, 2003
Middle East showdown gets ugly

One woman was charged with assault as protestors supporting a cancelled conference on Palestinian solidarity marched across campus yesterday.The protest, […]

27 November, 2003
Anti-Semitism charges rock UC paper

Jewish students on campus are up in arms after an editor’s note in the Gargoyle referred to a contributor as […]

27 November, 2003
Condos at St. Mike’s?

One of the last green spaces left at St. Michael’s College is up for sale as the venerable institution deals […]

27 November, 2003
Violence Against Women conference kicks off on campus

An intimate Native ceremony at First Nations House on Tuesday commemorated the beginning of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender […]

27 November, 2003
UTM students outraged by prof’s dismissal

Just weeks before finals, students enrolled in Erindale College’s Buddhism course were shocked to learn that they would have to […]

20 November, 2003
Immigration forum takes government to task

Canada is a nation of immigrants, and with the citizenship and immigration laws getting put through the ringer lately, U […]

6 November, 2003
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