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No functionality without accountability

The UTGSU suffers from insider culture, financial mismanagement, and hostility with the media

13 January, 2019
Commenting on 2018

Contributors opine on the biggest stories of the past year

9 January, 2019
Checking in with the Comment columnists

The section’s regular writers briefly reflect on the fall 2018 semester and what’s yet to come in the spring 2019 semester

9 January, 2019
Clarifying conservatism

Advocating for pragmatic and responsible policy can yield a more representative and balanced student government

25 November, 2018
UTSU AGM 2018: Doing better, but must improve participation

The UTSU is correct on finance, slates, and the UTMSU split, but student involvement remains an obstacle

4 November, 2018
The student responsibility for reconciliation

To create a more inclusive university for Indigenous students, student government must hold the administration accountable and take initiative on its own

28 October, 2018
Ford’s handling of Toronto city politics, while reckless, is justified

The premier’s determination reflects a new approach to governance which should not be prematurely dismissed

23 September, 2018
Understanding racism is as important as calling it out

Re: “Campus publications denounce white supremacy in wake of Charlottesville”

18 September, 2017
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