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Understanding racism is as important as calling it out

Re: “Campus publications denounce white supremacy in wake of Charlottesville”

18 September, 2017
How to move forward from the SMCSU financial investigation

The student government’s activities are of great concern to students, and students should have a say in how its conflicts are resolved

6 April, 2017
Are standardized tests good?

Two contributors weigh the merits
of standardized evaluations

19 March, 2017
A need for follow-through

The 2017 UTSU Executive Candidates Debate reflected important goals that must be supplemented by more thorough planning

12 March, 2017
Should more young people run for office?

Zach Rosen and Sam Routley weigh the merits of political candidates who have yet to find their first grey hairs

5 February, 2017
Is Robarts the ugliest building on campus?

In the first instalment of Debate Club, Zach Rosen and Sam Routley duke it out over architecture, atmosphere, and the appropriateness of a building shaped like a bird

30 January, 2017
Hoarding entertainment

Ticket scalpers are spoiling the music industry, but solutions lie within reach

16 October, 2016
Why the most ballots should constitute a win

When considering its less favourable alternatives,
the first-past-the-post electoral system comes out on top

18 September, 2016
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