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Should more young people run for office?

Zach Rosen and Sam Routley weigh the merits of political candidates who have yet to find their first grey hairs

5 February, 2017
Is Robarts the ugliest building on campus?

In the first instalment of Debate Club, Zach Rosen and Sam Routley duke it out over architecture, atmosphere, and the appropriateness of a building shaped like a bird

30 January, 2017
Hoarding entertainment

Ticket scalpers are spoiling the music industry, but solutions lie within reach

16 October, 2016
Why the most ballots should constitute a win

When considering its less favourable alternatives,
the first-past-the-post electoral system comes out on top

18 September, 2016
Let’s get the ball rolling

The remarkable ways in which sports bring people together

17 August, 2016
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