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Apartheid is not dead

“Israeli policies in the Palestinian territories appear so similar to the apartheid of an earlier era, a continent away, and […]

5 March, 2009
Greek riots mirror Toronto’s problems, protesters say

In December, Greek protesters occupied 700 high schools and 100 universities amid days of massive riots, after police shot and […]

12 January, 2009
Strike possibility looms

U of T faces the possibility of a teaching assistant strike if ongoing negotiations fail between admin and unit 1 […]

5 January, 2009
York TAs back in president’s office

Striking TAs are back in York University president Mamdouh Shoukhri’s office since 6:00 p.m. last night, after a 96-hour sit-in […]

5 January, 2009
Provost’s democracy committee suspended

The Provost’s Advisory Committee on Democratic Processes in Student Government, appointed a month ago to create guidelines for student unions, […]

4 December, 2008
TAs move in for the strike

U of T teaching assistants will vote on a strike mandate from Dec. 3 to Dec. 9. If they pass […]

1 December, 2008

Saron Ghebressellassie