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Again, with feeling!

Crescendo! Katherine Whyte, a first-year masters opera program soprano, is coached by Marilyn Horne, one of the U.S.’ most popular […]

21 November, 2002
King of the Pixies

Ex-Pixies frontman Frank Black rocks out at the Horsheshoe last Thursday. Backed by The Catholics, Black played two sets, taking […]

4 November, 2002
You don’t win friends with salad

Photograph by Simon Turnbull

31 October, 2002

Atheism is religion in denialContrary to Richard Lis’ assertions, it is atheism that is religion in denial, not the other […]

3 October, 2002
Remote access too good to be true

A new software package called I’m InTouch, by 01 Communique Laboratory Inc., promises access to your home computer using any […]

3 October, 2002

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12 September, 2002

Photograph by Simon Turnbull

9 September, 2002
Fire In The Hole!

I THINK I JUST WET MY ROBE! An anxious parent outside Con Hall at the June 21 Applied Sciences convocation […]

27 June, 2002
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