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How independent are your student publications? Part II

How governance and form restrict and expand the content of campus publications

18 September, 2017
Campus publications denounce white supremacy in wake of Charlottesville

Publications discuss ‘choosing sides’ and neutrality in journalism

31 August, 2017
How independent are your student publications?

The Varsity looks at the funding models of U of T’s campus papers, college papers, and literary journals to evaluate their respective levels of autonomy

2 August, 2017
Identity in the age of the Buzzfeed quiz

On the internet’s obsession with labels, categories, and typologies

14 July, 2017
Danielle Sandhu leaves APUS

The union is seeking a new Executive Director

28 June, 2017
UTAM releases first-ever report on responsible investing

Reform focuses on ESG factors, other advocacy measures

9 June, 2017
Jordan Peterson’s federal funding denied, Rebel Media picks up the tab

Controversial psychology professor has funding proposal rejected for first time

1 May, 2017
Report on enrolment shows growth at UTM, UTSC, Architecture

UTSG enrolment is expected to decrease

6 March, 2017
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4 December, 2017