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Identity in the age of the Buzzfeed quiz

On the internet’s obsession with labels, categories, and typologies

14 July, 2017
Danielle Sandhu leaves APUS

The union is seeking a new Executive Director

28 June, 2017
UTAM releases first-ever report on responsible investing

Reform focuses on ESG factors, other advocacy measures

9 June, 2017
Jordan Peterson’s federal funding denied, Rebel Media picks up the tab

Controversial psychology professor has funding proposal rejected for first time

1 May, 2017
Report on enrolment shows growth at UTM, UTSC, Architecture

UTSG enrolment is expected to decrease

6 March, 2017
Do you see yourself the way others see you?

U of T professor co-develops personality trait model to analyze reputation and identity

29 January, 2017
U of T rolls out new cybersecurity initiatives

How U of T is responding to security breach incidents

5 December, 2016
What can we learn from ghosts?

The Varsity investigates why ghosts and ghost stories continue to fascinate humanity

31 October, 2016
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The web: a museum of our everyday lives
4 December, 2017