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Pro-Israel for good reasons

Over the years at this university, a number of people have approached me asking how a Chinese atheist came to

Israel is not “the enemy”

Background There are three constants in life: death, taxes, and Israel taking the blame for every misery suffered by the

The Right is still right

Alex Nursall’s GOP-bashing article (“The craziest party that could ever be”) is an example of why the Republican Party’s future

The right stuff

On September 29, the United States Congress rejected a $700 billion financial bailout bill with a vote of 228 to

A time to renew the faith

Since the Kadima-led pullout from Gaza in 2005, Israelis have had little faith that withdrawal from occupation will achieve peace

Not quite conservative

At a recent news conference in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Prime Minister Stephen Harper remarked: “the Canadian public has become more

Troops into Afghanistan

If Canadians want to teach their neighbours down south a lesson on smart, successful foreign policy, Afghanistan presents a welcome

You’re not all that special

The story goes that for every graduating university class, there will be a commencement speaker who waxes poetically about the

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