Sharansky’s hypocrisy Re: “Israeli minister for Jerusalem hopes for peace”, Sept. 18, 2003.Natan Sharansky’s predictable hypocrisy shines with all its

The biotech debate

On Aug. 29, bioethicists Margaret Somerville and James Hughes came to U of T to debate the merits of human

Voyages into man-sex

This is the first in a series of sexual education columns that we here at the Varsity are planning on

Marchese 1; Guergis, Pedro 0

With two weeks to go before election day, the candidates for the Trinity-Spadina riding came to test their mettle at

A few simple questions

Without a doubt, the new SAC health and dental insurance plan is an improvement over its predecessor. The new plan,


Boring Bob Re: What about Bob? Sept. 11As a former Varsity staffer, I’m glad to be able to follow the