Seven students win seats on Governing Council

Results conclude elections for U of T’s highest governing body

Seven students win seats on Governing Council

Seven students have won seats on Governing Council, after an elections season that saw 39 candidates vie to represent students on U of T’s most powerful administrative body.

Out of Governing Council’s 50 members, there are eight seats available to students, spread across five different constituencies. One of the seats for Part-time Undergraduate Students was not filled as not enough candidates ran in that election. 

Yining (Elin) Gu and Apefa Adjivon won the race to represent the constituency of full-time undergraduate students of the Faculty of Arts & Science, UTM, and UTSC.

Gu, a UTSC student, received 371 votes and Adjivon, a University College student, received 303 votes. Twenty-one candidates ran for this constituency.

Representing the constituency of full-time undergraduate students of the Professional Faculties will be Mallory Estelle Jackman and Andrew Girgis.

Jackman is a Medicine student and received 104 votes, while Girgis is a Pharmacy student and 97 votes. A total of five candidates ran from this constituency.

Susan Froom, a Trinity College student, will represent the constituency of Part-time Undergraduate Students. She won uncontested, with the second seat available for this constituency unfulfilled. Froom has served in this position since the 2014–2015 academic year.

LP Veuilleux, a Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy student, won the seat to represent Constituency I of graduate students with 159 votes. Seven candidates from this constituency ran for a seat.

Amin Kamaleddin, a Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering student, won the race to represent Constituency II of graduate students with 338 votes. Five candidates ran from this constituency.

The university released election results on February 19, following its call for nominations in January and its election this month.

Editor’s Note (February 21, 5:10 pm): The article has been updated to correct that there are eight seats available to students and one of them remains unfilled.

Nominations for student seats on Governing Council open

Eight student positions to be filled by election in February

Nominations for student seats on Governing Council open

The Office of Governing Council has made its annual call for student nominations, open to all students in full-time and part-time programs. Nominations opened on January 7 and close at 5:00 pm on January 18.

The eight student positions on Governing Council are an opportunity to become involved in the university’s most powerful decision-making body. If elected, members are expected to contribute to the future direction of the university.

Collectively, Governing Council is responsible for areas of the university such as strategic direction, finances, human resources, infrastructure, and academic quality.

Of the eight student spots, four are reserved for full-time undergraduate students, two for part-time students, and two for graduate students. Previous experience in student politics is not required.

To nominate someone or oneself, students are required to fill out a nomination form. Paper versions of this form can also be found at room 106 of Simcoe Hall. UTM and UTSC Campus Councils will also be holding nominations for their respective students.

The online voting period begins on February 4, and ballots will be counted and announced on February 19. Elected winners will be declared on February 22.