Canadian bonanza!

Just to be nice, The Chung has agreed to personally review these U of T students’ bands. Wow, what a great gal!

The Carnations

Remember the first time you picked up a RNR album that meant something to you? Remember how it felt to be in the musical arms of someone who loved you? This six-song EP is love and was aided by the production handling of one Ian Blurton! Are all you indie rawk kids creaming yet? Indeed, this Toronto foursome has had a lengthy history in the music business and for very good reason, too.

Put simply, the music is melodic in that classic shrug-your-shoulders/nod-your-head-to-yourself-on-the-subway-with-no-fucking-shame kinda way. I think we’re all in agreement that “Scream & Yell” will be an instant winner with all the kids. The lads even have the introspective groans down (truly the mark of “timeless classic”) as found in “Jamaican Islands.” You know how people are always saying, “Watch out for this band”? Fuck that. I predict that in less than a year, people will be saying: “I remember when they used to play the smaller, more intimate venues.”

Rating: VVVVV

The Demoralized

The Toronto music scene has certainly picked its dragging sneakers up off the floor in the past few years. I often notice how many people contract Toronto fever, characterized by taking themselves so seriously they are certified as T.O.T.A.L.L.Y. B.O.R.I.N.G. But no fear, kids, this is not the case with Toronto’s The Demoralized. I suppose I would Casey Casem them as a cross between punk and ska. The music is tight, high energy and totally contagious, but the vocals seem puzzling when you consider that the evenness in tone seems rather out of place with the punk rock of it all. This lackey thinks so, at least. But that’s not what’s important here: these kids can rock some serious shit out. The only bummer is that there are only a couple songs on the sampler, but I suppose this can be solved by a simple trip to any of the many shows they have coming up in the near future. Consult the friendly folks at for more info.

Rating: VVVVV

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