This just in: “Varsity is BJ City”

That’s right, you guys are BJ City. When I’m whistlin’ Dixie down at Trinity College, I like to peruse my latest copy of The Varsity. Even the name “The Varsity” makes me think of school. I don’t know why. It just does. I just love anything that reminds me of school. I sniff my Hilroy notebook cuz it’s SO SCHOOL, ya know? Keep up the witty work, Finger 11s. Yer BJ city.

Connor Stadium
Epidemiology IV

Unite the right?

As a Canadian who strongly believes in free and private enterprise, I cannot help but feel disenchanted by the current state of federal politics in this country. Not only do we have a lame government, we have a lame opposition as well. The latter is more harmful to our country than the former. The Alliance and Tories cannot seem to get their acts together. One recent proposition has been to unite these two parties. Some have hailed this as somewhat of a quick-fix solution to so-called “vote splitting,” but I seriously beg to differ. Canadians are not waiting for these two parties to merge. They are looking for leadership that will capture their imaginations. Neither the Tories nor the Alliance have been able to do that. Moreover, it is a mistake to suggest that the Tories and Alliance are pooling the same voters. The Tories have and always will be a centrist party and the Alliance will always be more neo-conservative. Hence “Unite the Right” is a mere catchphrase, since we are dealing with two radically different parties. The only hope for an ideological dogfight in the next election is the Canadian Alliance. Clearly they have to get their act together and sell their message more thoroughly to the Canadian public. The election of Mike Harris in Ontario proves that small-c conservative ideas win. So far, the message has been garbled to the point that Unite the Right has been viewed as a solution. The real solution is for the Alliance to be a stronger, more effective opposition. They need to appear as a government-in-waiting, which has not happened yet. If they do that, then vote-splitting will be no issue at all. Here’s hoping.

Doron Berger

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