Equity means no extra funding, periodRe: Board members cry SACrilege. As an executive member of two groups of a political nature for the past two years, I am aware of how funding works in student clubs. A club gets an initial endowment and then raises the rest of the money through membership dues and admissions to certain events. The two groups I have belonged to have existed well within these means. I am sure the International Socialists could have raised $1,000 either by themselves or through some group closely affiliated with them. By getting money through student government, they received some form of legitimacy for their cause. Hillel could ask for the same money and draw backlash from their opponents. Both parties ought to raise money on their own and let SAC focus on serious local issues.Doron Berger
The Toronto Women’s Bookstore supports killing womenAs the world continues its steady descent into barbarism, the Toronto Women’s Bookstore cheers from the sidelines. When asked why they refuse to carry buttons denouncing the wholesale slaughter of women and children in Israel, they could muster nothing more then a pathetic “no comment.” It does not take much imagination to fill their cowardly silence. They refuse to carry the buttons because they support the slaughter of innocent women. Neither the terrorists nor the Women’s Bookstore make any distinction. Their clear and public support for butchering women exposes them for what they are—spiteful, vulgar, racist, and propagandist, with an axe to grind and an agenda that has very little to do with the preservation or protection of women’s rights. The Toronto Women’s Bookstore has clearly aligned itself with Hamas. I shudder to think who their next political ally will be. Kissinger once remarked that the “most fundamental problem of politics…is not the control of wickedness but the limitation of righteousness.” Let us hope then, that this little episode will at least force these homicide supporters to drop their empty moral pretensions. Stephen Glazer

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