Results are still unofficial, but it is likely that students at U of T’s Scarbrough campus have voted to be represented by an amalgamated SCSU, instead of two separate organizations.

On Jan. 20-21, students at UTSC participated in a referendum to decide whether or not to merge SAC and SCSU (Scarborough Campus Student Union). The proposed merger of the two student associations was met with criticism and support.

Supporters of the unification claim that under one student association UTSC students would be better represented within the university as a whole. They argue that within the current system, issues that are of concern to UTSC are being neglected, since St. George students, not UTSC students, are representing Scarborough Campus at the university’s administration level. With the proposed merger, UTSC students will represent Scarborough campus within the university’s student government. Also, SAC and SCSU fees will be combined to create one fee that will go directly to SCSU, who will then decide how the money is spent. Currently, the SAC fee that UTSC students pay is sent downtown and Scarborough students have little or no say on how it is spent compared to the larger voice of St. George members.

Those opposed to the union argue that eliminating SAC from Campus life at UTSC will ultimately weaken ties with St. George campus, further alienating UTSC from the university. Part-time students were also distrustful of a merger, claiming that their needs and concerns would not be heard if APUS was eliminated and they were represented solely by SCSU.

The unofficial results for the referendum showed part-time students were overwhelmingly objected to a union. 82 per cent voted against a merger between the APUS and the SCSU. Only 14 per cent of part-time students were in favor, while four per cent of the votes were rejected ballots. A total of 57 part-time students participated in the referendum.

The majority of full time students who participated in the referendum were in favor of the amalgamation, with 67 per cent of the vote while 37 per cent were against the merger. The total number of ballots cast for full time students was 570. The results of the referendum will remain unofficial pending the ratification by the SCSU Board of Directors.

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