The Scarborough Student Union’s (SCSU) is at odds with the administration over its bid to split with SAC, after refusing to recognize the results of a referendum held on the subject last week.

Full-time students voted 63 per cent in favour of the split, while part-time students voted 82 per cent against.

At a meeting on Friday, SCSU refused to ratify the part-time referendum results because of what they call “illegal campaigning” by the no side.

SCSU President Dan Bandurka is vowing to push forward with the changes despite the administration’s warnings that it will not allow them to occur without a majority of both full-time and part-time students on board.

“The administration is not in a position to consider a request [for change] until we see a positive result from part-time students,” said Jim Delaney, assistant director of student affairs. “Until that happens, I don’t think this matter is open for discussion.”

“SAC and SCSU will be challenging them on that,” Bandurka said. Even without the university’s blessing, SAC and SCSU might sign an agreement that would make the changes a de facto reality.

The changes would see SCSU become the sole representative of Scarborough students. Scarborough student’s fees would go directly to SCSU, which would also take over responsibility for services previously offered by SAC on Scarborough campus.

SAC and SCSU have been jointly pushing for the changes, which they say would give Scarborough students a stronger voice at the university level, as well as eliminating overlap in services on Scarborough campus.

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