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Anything for a buck: U of T invested in cigarettes, weapons and genetic engineering

It’s $2.9 billion worth of U of T’s money, but students and faculty are not allowed to know where it […]

5 April, 2004
Mars was once wet, rover finds

NASA’s Opportunity rover has found definitive evidence that Mars was once “drenched” with liquid water, mission scientists announced on Tuesday.The […]

4 March, 2004
Scientists watch neutron star explode

On September 9, 1999, a NASA satellite was struck by a massive blast of X-ray radiation. The pulse had originated […]

26 February, 2004
Women’s learning group kicks off with gala

Are we living in a “post-feminist” age?That was one of the few points of contention at the inaugural gala for […]

5 February, 2004
Scarborough rejects referendum results

The Scarborough Student Union’s (SCSU) is at odds with the administration over its bid to split with SAC, after refusing […]

2 February, 2004
Student unions settle out of court

The Scarborough Students’ Union (SCSU) and the Association of Part Time Undergraduate Students (APUS) reached an agreement on Monday, preventing […]

20 January, 2004
Atomic actors come to the big screen

U of T researchers have created an unprecedented movie of what happens when a solid changes into a liquid on […]

27 November, 2003
Campus buildings are falling apart, students getting injured: safety report

The university is considering spending an extra $9 million per year to deal with its $400 million maintenance backlog. The […]

27 October, 2003
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