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Sketching stories

Joe Sacco is probably the only comic book artist who’s ever been issued press credentials by the New York Times. […]

15 October, 2003
Art show melee leads to campus ban, claims of police brutality

A university alumnus was arrested at an art showing at University College on Tuesday.Salvador Vizcaya, who obtained his Master’s in […]

29 September, 2003
University unfazed by blackout

U of T survived the biggest blackout in North American history with relatively little damage.“We had three instances where people […]

2 September, 2003
U of T’s Iranian students rally behind comrades

Iranian students from U of T, York, Ryerson, and Waterloo are banding together to defend their counterparts in Iran against […]

30 July, 2003
Calling Planet X…

An experimental imaging device now being built may soon deliver the first pictures of planets outside our solar system.That’s what […]

27 February, 2003
Planet-hunting: ‘the next big thing’ for astronomers

The University of Toronto actively participates in the search for extra-solar planets. Professor Howard Yee of U of T’s department […]

27 February, 2003
When Salmonella comes to dinner

A Sick Kids researcher is developing a revealing new window on the workings of human cells–by studying how bacteria manipulate […]

4 February, 2003
Near-earth asteroids: how much of a threat?

Every few months, a story appears in the media about an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Inevitably, further […]

12 November, 2002
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