The Scarborough Campus Students’ Union’s (SCSU) membership will meet on Wednesday to approve a significant agenda of changes to its formal structure.

The changes are to be presented formally by the Standing Committee on Bylaw Review to the Board of Directors for their consideration on Saturday. Members will then accept or reject these changes so that they can present them at the upcoming General Meeting on Wednesday where they will be ratified. The changes deal with the consolidation of SCSU’s bylaws and policy, the creation of new positions within the union, as well as the appointment of new standing committees to advise the board.

These changes come as a component of SCSU’s restructuring following the vote last week which resulted in SCSU’s merger with the Students’ Administrative Council (SAC).

SCSU will be operating most of the services that were offered by SAC previously, when the two unions governed different aspects of Scarborough students’ university life. Therefore, the changes recommended by the committee include the creation of three new executive positions, bringing the total number of executives to seven: Vice-Presidents External, Campus Life, and Human Resources will be new, and the position of VP Students will be changed to VP Students and Equity.

This seems to reflect the new needs of SCSU to be responsible for issues like communication with U of T’s other campuses, and pressing internal issues like the demand for equity policy.

Another 15 directors have been proposed to be elected to represent first-year students, and standing committees have been put forward to advise each vice-president on policy decision-making. Other changes include a reduction in the amount of academic credits that members of the Executive Committee can be enrolled in, and the consolidation of four different bylaw and policy documents into the SCSU Operational Manual.

Members are being asked to consider these changes and voice problems and complaints so that the board may approve the agenda on Saturday.

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