Unite UTM, a slate of candidates spearheaded by Walied Khogali, has swept the six executive positions on the University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union. Khogali will take over as UTMSU president, Anita Chauhan as VP academics & equity, Wasah Malik as VP campaigns & advocacy, Ishani Sharma as VP campus life, Teji Billen as VP human resources, and Kristian Jurlewicz as VP operations.

A keystone of the Khogali slate’s campaign was a so-called “contract with students,” which featured no fewer than 22 campaign promises. These ranged from the general (“lobby to reduce tuition fees and parking fees”) to the specific (“50 per cent decrease of club rental fee at the Blind Duck”).

The contract stipulates that if Unite UTM does not fulfill “our mission,” the execs would hand back 100 per cent of their salaries to students through bursaries. In contrast, Your Team, which swept SAC elections last month, pledged to return five per cent of her salaries if a series of six “guarantees” are not met.

Khogali, who was VP UTM at SAC last year, is upbeat about meeting the contract’s 22 conditions. “It’s gonna happen,” Khogali asserted.

-Mike Ghenu

Slates rule, OK?

The votes are in at York University, and it’s another sweep by a single slate. A team of candidates led by Hamid Osman, running under the banner York Undivided, took the five executive positions. But the losing slate, called Reality Check, has made allegations of vote tampering, and are seeking to have the results annulled.

The outcome of the vote at York means that slates have swept undergraduate student union elections at all Toronto-area universities, including Ryerson, U of T, and UTM-with the sole exception of UTSC, where slates are banned.


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