After being sent back twice to produce further evidence, the prosecution will present their case in court once again today. However Mike Leitold, lawyer for 12 of the 14 accused, is still waiting for full disclosure.

The 14 were arrested after a March 20 sit-in protest at Simcoe Hall, under charges of mischief and forceful confinement of administrators who were in the building at the time.

Leitold said that reports of eight U of T campus police officers were missing from the disclosure. The case will proceed into conference between the attorneys only after the court is satisfied with evidence brought forward.

Meanwhile the accused will have to abide by varying bail conditions keeping them from organizing or protesting on campus, entering administrative buildings, and even being on campus, in the case of one of the accused. “This is how they are putting our lives on suspense,” said Oriel Varga, a member of the FF14 who recently graduated.

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