Police arrest 70 in campus raid on GSU building

UTSU Executive Director alleges GSU External Commissioner arranged billeting

U of T residences used for G20 accommodation

Photos captured of people entering and exiting residence buildings after campus closed for security reasons

The other side of the fence

U of T’s G8 Research Group provides analysis of the recent G8 and G20 summits

Riot police storm onto campus

Both UTSU and administration knew about police plans to route protests through U of T

After the G20

The Varsity tries to uncover what happened on campus throughout the week

Police, protesters, and pandemonium

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No way out

Canadian University Press President detained during G20 despite fully divulging press status

In the kettle at Queen and Spadina

A Varsity staffer shares his account of being arrested during the G20, for “breaching the peace” by standing on the sidewalk