UTSC is the place to be

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a student on the Scarborough campus.

With its involvement in the upcoming Pan Am Games and the proposed Sheppard East light-rail transit coming to Morningside Avenue, the University of Toronto Scarborough will be welcoming big changes over the next few years. With all that’s happening, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a student on the Scarborough campus.

Gastronomy 101

Scarborough prides itself on its vibrant international food scene, and UTSC’s food options reflect the diversity of its students. The convenient cafe La Prep, located in the Instructional Centre at 1095 Military Trail, is currently applying for an LLBO license to allow it to sell beer and wine. Rex’s Den offers restaurant-quality food for a low price. Halal-certified shawarma is a popular choice among students on campus.

Every campus has its share of hot dog vendors, but UTSC’s Nasir Al-Huttam offers something more for hungry students. Al-Huttam is a proud member of the UTSC community: caring, convenient, and accessible. In addition to having a Toonie Tuesday special, Al-Huttam accepts orders via texts or calls in winter. This means that instead of waiting in the freezing cold, students can pick up their hot dogs when they are ready.

Let the Games Begin

The North Campus will be a venue for the 2015 Pan Am Games. Once the 360,000-square-foot aquatics and athletics facility — featuring two Olympic-sized pools and three gyms — is completed in 2015, it will be the biggest building at UTSC. The current athletic centre offers instructional classes ranging from salsa and belly dance to muay thai and kickboxing. Most courses only cost $20 for a 10-week session, significantly more affordable than at other campuses.

Scarborough Fairs

UTSC’s vibrant arts scene will keep you entertained during your free time on campus. The campus’ permanent gallery is named after Canadian landscape artist Doris McCarthy, UTSC’s most renowned alumna. Art Side Out, a campus-wide arts extravaganza that usually lasts all day, is perhaps the most anticipated of a number of events that showcase the campus’s diverse talent. These events include the Cultural Mosaic Show, UTSC’s Best Dance Crew, and the Winter Blues Festival.

At the Centre

Many students choose UTSC for its well-established work placement programs. Alternatively, non co-op students can utilize the Career Centre as a resource for job listings and hands-on training on job searching. The regular “Resume Blitz” sessions have saved many young job candidates from embarrassing mistakes on their CVs. The Writing Centre offers students hour long, one-on-one sessions with an experienced tutor to go through potential academic paper problems such as arguments, grammar, style and citations.

Getting Better

SCSU offers comprehensive health and dental insurance coverage for its 10,000 plus students. Take advantage of it by visiting the newly-opened dental office located in the UTSC Student Centre.

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