Ah, the age-old struggle of student life — apart from everything else you can’t afford, like nice clothing, fancy restaurants, or trendy bars, buying expensive makeup products is an additional unneeded expense. As someone who has been referred to as a “recovering makeup addict,” I can easily attest to this. After sifting around through the Internet’s abundance of self-help blogs, I’ve discovered that beauty buys need not consist of high-end, expensive products. In our collective quest to save money, I’ve managed to come up with eight student-friendly beauty hacks that may come in handy when you’re strapped for cash.

DIY Skin Treatments

Forget investing in fancy facemasks — make your own by using household ingredients. In a bowl, mix half a banana, one tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of yogurt, or make your own exfoliating lip scrub by mixing sugar, honey, and olive oil.



Homemade BB Cream
BB Cream is an amalgamation of various other creams and can be easily made by mixing up your favorite foundation or liquid concealer, as well as a few drops of sunscreen. Shake it up, and you’ll have your own sun-protecting, concealing moisturizer.

Dry shampoo & eyelash extension
Apply baby powder along your eyelashes between coats of mascara to lengthen your lashes. You can also use baby powder as a dry shampoo by sprinkling it onto the roots of your hair to remove any pungent scents

Interchange your mascara & liquid eyeliner
Both mascara and liquid eyeliner have the same consistency, and therefore can be used interchangeably between your eyes and

eyelashes. So, if you run out of mascara, don’t go running to the store for another bottle — you can always use the eyeliner instead.

Use blush as a lip stain
Instead of buying special lip stains in order to make your lipstick last longer, just dab a bit of powder blush onto your lips to seal in the colour. For the next 12 hours, eat as much food as you want — the colour is there to stay.