Dr. Evelyn Forget is the first Kierans-Janigan visiting scholar at Massey College. A health economics researcher, Dr. Forget is the academic director of the Manitoba Research Data Centre and a professor at the University of Manitoba.

She is currently taking the lead on an investigation into the results and trends that arose from the mid-1970’s Mincome Guaranteed Annual Income experiment in Dauphin, Manitoba. Dr. Forget has received peer-reviewed grants from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and the Social Science and Health Research Council of Canada to fund her work.

Hugh Segal, Master of Massey College, praised Dr. Forget and acknowledged the members of the Massey community for their support. “Dr. Forget, as a leading, courageous and entrepreneurial scholar, is a unique and compelling individual with whom to inaugurate this outstanding commitment by Tom Kierans and Mary Janigan,” said Segal in a press release.

Dr. Forget will take up residence at the Massey College in September 2015.

— Iris Robin

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