You’re hot then you’re cold

Here’s how to dress during Toronto’s sporadic weather patterns

There are some predictable phenomena in life: what day it will be tomorrow, who will get eliminated on The Bachelor, and exam season. Then there are other, less-predictable events: how much sleep you’ll get during exam season, the entire plot of Inception, and Toronto’s weather patterns.

Given that most university students have enough to worry about as they manage school, a social life, and sleep, it’s no surprise that many forget to check the weather every morning. We are taken by surprise when we find ourselves in 10-degree weather when it was -20 the day before. Luckily there are ways you can dress comfortably and stylishly, while combatting Toronto’s sporadic weather.

1. Light scarves: If you’ve spent a fair portion of your time stalking style bloggers on Pinterest and Instagram, you’ll probably have noticed how many of them wear scarves. Not only can a great scarf enhance any outfit quickly and easily, you can also take it off and cram it in your bag if you’re too warm. A light scarf protects your neck from the wind, but it’s not too dense, meaning that if the temperature starts to increase, you won’t start sweating buckets.

2. Pea coats: Investing in a high quality, stylish coat is something most Canadians are familiar with. Brands like Canada Goose and Nobus can get pretty pricey. Instead, opt for a pea coat — it’s not nearly as massive as a Canada Goose coat, but is just as effective.

3. Layer, layer, layer: Layers are a fashionista’s best friend. Turns out, they’re also great for weird weather patterns. Wear your outerwear, sweater, and undershirt in a way that is easy to remove if no longer needed. Leg warmers are also a great layer for tights, and if you’re set on wearing denim jeans on a frigid morning, you can also wear some form of tights underneath for a warm and stylish take (fishnets or other patterns work well).

4. Gloves with removable fingertips: Chances are you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing these. But trust me. Acting as the palm-equivalent of the ever-regrettable zip-off pants, this article of clothing has you covered in the coldest and warmest of times. Even better, the removable fingertips allow you to use your iPhone whilst keeping your gloves on — a perk that is nothing if not handy

5. Boots: No matter what the salesperson at Footlocker told you, Adidas Superstars are not a legitimate winter shoe. Plus, with all the salt on the ground to melt the snow, it’s best to avoid wearing sports shoes to keep from wrecking them. Donning a warm pair of winter boots – like Sorel’s or Timberlands – will save you from sitting with soggy feet for the duration of your 3-hours psych lecture in Con Hall.

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