The University of Toronto has agreed to begin demographic data collection pertaining to race. The decision was reached at a December 7, 2015 meeting between members of the U of T administration and members of the Black Liberation Collective at U of T.  Althea Blackburn-Evans, U of T director of news & media relations stated that the university believes it would be beneficial to collect such data. “These data will help to inform policies and practices to further the university’s interest in embedding diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Members of the Black Liberation Collective, U of T vice provost, students Sandy Welsh, Angela Hildyard, U of T vice president human resources and equity, and Sandra Carnegie-Douglas, the anti-racism & cultural diversity officer attended the meeting.

Several organizers with Black at UofT were approached for comment and all declined on the basis that [they] have found [The Varsity] unwilling to acknowledge, rectify or combat [it’s own] racism.”

Race-related census data collection can include data about student admission and graduation, and staff and faculty hiring and promotions. U of T is now exploring the details of how this data will be collected.

“The university will now explore the best avenues for individuals to report such data should they choose to do so,” said Blackburn-Evans.

More information is forthcoming.